NEX alternative to small M43 system?

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Re: NEX alternative to small M43 system?

Espresso wrote:

Hi all

I'm trying to find the perfect small camera solution for "adventure" scenarios where I can't feasibly take my DSLR (Nikon D700) due to its size and weight. In these instances, I'm mainly interested in daylight landscapes.

I'd been looking at compacts, but moved on to the Panasonic GF2 + 14mm pancake because of its small size (only marginally larger than a compact), light weight and better-than-compact image quality.

Is there a NEX combo that I should be considering which can match the size of the Panasonic?

IMHO, the Sony NEX with 16mm pancake is a better alternative than the GF2 + 14mm. It is as compact, if not more so, than the Panasonic. It has much better DR and ISO performance than the GF2. And the NEXC3/5N is now not that much more in price than the GF2 if you shop around.

There are many criticisms of the Sony 16mm pancake, some of them exaggerated, and some well-deserved. Mainly, corners are not very sharp at wide apertures. But for daylight landscapes, you would likely not be using wide apertures. Or you can push ISO. Or you can crop out the corners to the same FOV as the 28mm equiv. of the Panasonic 14mm while retaining about the same MP. In that respect, the performance of the Sony 16mm compared to the Panasonic 14mm is about the same.

If you really want a compact m4/3 camera, I would suggest the newer Oly EPL5 or the EPM2 instead, which have much better sensors. Oly doesn't have a low-cost compact wide-angle, but you can get the Panasonic 14mm separately.

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