"The Treasure Hunter"

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Re: "The Treasure Hunter"

As I can understand from a datasheet there are four sections in a sensor, pin 1 to 13, pin 14 to 25, pin 15 to 37, pin 38 to 49.

Each section has main power supply voltage VDD to Ground 3.3V (pin 6-20-31-44)and on pin 21 Power supply for reset line drivers Nominal 4V connected on-chip to pin 30, on pin 25 VDDARRAY Pixel array power supply (= pin 26) 3V and on pin 26 VDDARRAY Pixel array power supply (= pin 25) 3V.

If I don't forget nothing there are 6 possibilities of short circuit for some reason that I can't know, connected the sensor to a board could mean over burn it and this is only about power supply, I have never studied sensor circuitry since now so I really don't know if there can be some other fault that can burn my only dear board

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