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Re: To the M 28mmf2.8 and M50mmf1.7

Hello Blackburn11 and Tan68

ah. i don't recognise the site, but this reminds me of the scanned manual for the helicoid extension tube. that lives in a dusty corner of the Pentax site, but i didn't think to go there for the s40 manual. not only are my searching skills deficient...

the linked manual tells us the s40 will allow me to photograph an area of 8.7 cm top/bottom with a 50mm lens on a full frame camera. this works out to about 2.28" with an APS-C camera.

with rounding errors and estimations, i would just say the s40 and Raynox M150 are pretty dimpled near the same. i estimated 2.25" coverage for the M150 (i used my cutting mat and eyeball; no millimetric ruler) and would say the s40 gives you a little over 2".

An other link to the S40:
(on this side you find everything Pentax did make and make now)

To my watch: it's a average-size 'man-watch' with a glass-diameter of ca. 30mm.

To the S40: This close up lens was made for the 50 / 55mm Pentax lens. It's not good for tele-lens, but I found that it's also useable with the 28mm lens.

I mentioned this S40, because you can get a used S40 on E-bay sometimes much cheaper than a new Raynox. So I would only buy this nice S40 if the price is realy lower.

best regards kikivrany

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