Nikon/Nikkor product quality dissapointment

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Nikon/Nikkor product quality dissapointment

Please excuse my rant -

Today I have discovered that my Nikkor AFS 28-70mm F2.8 has a problem attaining focus consistently and is kind of groaning/grunting in the process of trying to make focus. sometimes it will focus and sometimes not, it just stops trying. An awesome lens but now giving me trouble.

In isolation, this problem would have not got me so worked up. However it is ANOTHER piece of my Nikon gear in need of repair. In the past few years I have needed repairs to be done on a number of lenses as well as a body and this latest episode has me feeling that my view of Nikon being a "quality" brand is unwarranted.

If I treated the gear poorly then I could fully accept the repair bills but that is not the case. My equipment is handled carefully and maintained well on return from field trips.

The repair list includes -
D300 - Mirror lock up fault repair
10.5mm f2.8 - Lens element retainer failure
70-200mm f2.8 VRI - Apature actuation mechanism sticking
MB-D200 - Battery retainer catch failure

Also my 70-200 f2.8 VRII lens has several pieces of small flakey stuff lodged on the surface of internal galss elements. I was one of the first to get a 70-200 VRII and at the time many people received lenses with speckled flakey stuff inside the lens but not on the glass. It was said to be a production problem. The response from Nikon was that there was no problem with the lens and would not effect images produced. I accepted that on face value at the time but now regret that I did not push the point to have a lens without it. Now, out of warranty, I get to pay for having it cleaned & serviced.

Besides being annoyed with a high failure rate of components in my Nikon gear, I am also annoyed with their attitude/neglect for Pro DX users. I shoot sport with a need for reach and would like an upgraded body but Nikon choose not to hint one way or the other as to where they are going with DX. Pathetic way to treat their customers!!

Sorry, rant over.....

On the positive side, the images delivered by my Nikon gear are just brilliant, a very happy user in that regard.

Thanks for reading.

Nikon D300
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