Canon 100-400 VS Sigma 50-500 ?

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Repair came back from Canon

The 100-400 (70-200 also) returned from Canon Factory repair. I spent most of yesterday calibrating the two repaired lens and came away feeling the repair was acceptably complete, but that the lens was still just acceptable.

I feel like I certainly do not gain anything in IQ or performance using the 100-400L over using the prime or Bigma. But, it is not so bad I could send it back again and say it was not repaired. I have had the lens for 8 years now and it does work and maybe it is just time to give it due and realize that it is getting a little long in the tooth. Still, I was hoping that it would perform somewhere near what I hear others saying about their copy.

Having said that, I will still use it. It is not so bad that I can't get good pictures out of it. It is just not my first choice, and by a good margin.

I used FoCal yesterday to calibrate with. FoCal does not support the 5DIII in full automatic yet and I struggle to get reliable results in manual mode. On the 7D, FoCal seemed to calibrate both lens. Today I will check the results using Spyder LensCal and see if there is a difference.

BTW, the 70-200 did not impress me either. FoCal struggled to get a calibrated result and kept adding more points. Finally, it gave MFA corrections. I ran it again, and it came back with different results by a pretty wide margin. However, the IQ didn't seem bad. I've had this lens for 8 years also and it might be time for a new one. I would really like to have VII with IS anyway.

I'm sorry I was so long winded. I hope this helps though.

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