Does it make sense to maintain Olympus PEN E-P and E-PL lines?

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Re: Does it make sense to maintain Olympus PEN E-P and E-PL lines?

Hi Teru,

I agree that is hard to give up the pop up flash after getting used to it on the E-PL1, which I also use. In the video linked here:

you'll notice that the Olly manager is careful to phrase an "E-P3" successor, that there will be 3 levels of PENS. He doesn't call it the E-P5!

Many of us will be very disappointed if they don't bring out a PEN with a built in EVF, and I guess it will be called the PEN E-F1.
I can't wait to buy it, but I'm guessing it won't have an onboard flash.

Teru Rinshou wrote:

With the creation of the OM-D line, does it make sense for Olympus to maintain separate E-PL and E-P lines?

In the beginning, the PEN series was divided into 3 lines:

1. E-P - The professional line for PEN. Fast focus and extended options for all modes.
2. E-PL - The light semi-pro line.
3. E-PM - The compact line, aimed towards the point and shoot market.

With the advent of the E-M5 and the big upgrade of the E-PL5 closing the difference between E-PL and E-P, it would make sense to merge these 2 lines. But based on the specs of the E-PL5, it looks like Olympus is still going to announce the E-P5. The logic being: there's no reason why the E-PL5 couldn't have a built-in flash, so it looks like Olympus is keeping the title of "ultimate PEN" for the E-P5.

Aside: As a user of the E-PL1, the E-PL5 (on paper) looks like a great upgrade but my only quibble is the lack of a built-in flash. I like to use the VF-2 which means I can't use the accessory port for the plug-in flash.

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