MSA-10 + 5n = NO SYNC

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Re: MSA-10 + 5n = NO SYNC

Have just opened mine up and it had the same problem as this, one of the top screws that holds the chrome hot shoe part down has severed through the green central contact wire, in essence creating a complete circuit so that's why the flash was firing on its own accord if i rocked it back and forward.

The construction is very simple, basically a wire coming off the middle contact, and one off the screw that holds the chrome hot shoe part down (any of the 3 screws holding it down are essentially "live" and could cause problems if they touch the cables inside).

As a quick fix I have tried covering up the screws inside so they don't come in contact with the cables. This has fixed it firing on it's own accord, however putting it back on the 5N, it still won't fire. So it may be the flash I'm trying to use, or needs re-soldering of new cables. Will try when I get more time.

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Waiting for my third one, First one fired when the flash contact passed over the chrome attachment screw once, dud after that. Second one, who ever assembled it had one of the small screws severing the green wire. Third one on it's way. Replacement their first priority and good backup
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