Seeking advice on lens choice

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Some considerations

Based on your stated interests:

The 50/2 is more than sharp enough, but since you specifically want wide open blur and low light speed, there's no contest--the 50/1.4 is the better choice. Also as you found, the cron flares a lot , and if you are coming from the slr world, the flare you dont see in the rf can really sneak up on you. You should be aware, though, that the lux will also flare if you push it hard enough; don't be surprised when it happens. The flare isnt as over the top as with the cron, though.

If you really want to shoot in very low light, the best choice by far is the 35/1.4. The combination of fl and speed hits so many sweet spots at once--easy to handhold, just enough dof even wide open, versatile enough to cover everything from portraits to interactions to whole groups. And the 35mm fl makes arguably the optimal use of the vf.

But if you dont love the fl, and you expect to be using it more stopped down, i would recommend the summarit 35/2.5 over that old cron. It is tiny, sharp from wide open, with truly excellent bokeh, and is about the most flare-resistant lens you can buy. Also offers tabbed focusing, and the combination of flare immunity and small front objective means that i dont feel any need to use a hood with it (the only lens i use without the hood), which makes it even smaller in practical use.

nb about the zeiss options: optically they do extremely well, esp at these two focal lengths. You should be aware however that they are notched in third stops rather than the half stops of the leica lenses, which can make them a real pain to use in fast moving situations (such as street).

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