iPhoto file structure and possible Aperture switch

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Re: iPhoto file structure and possible Aperture switch

If you move you will lose all your Keywords if you are not careful.

The keywords are not held with the photo in iPhoto but elsewhere in the iPhoto database.

I am trying Photoshop Elements 11 which has an Organiser as well as an editor. Within Elements you can import your photos from iPhoto and it manages to extract the keywords which Elements then converts to Tags.

The other good thing about Elements 11 is that it will copy all your photos from iPhoto and put into 2 folders as appropriate - Originals and Modified. From my limited tests so far the size of the files copied stay exactly the same - something that doesn't happen if you just Export from iPhoto.

As far as I can tell any Events you have set up in iPhoto can be converted to Albums in Elements. And each Event seems to get a folder set up within Originals/Modified.

I am hopeful about continuing with ELements 11 as I hope that the Organiser catalogue will be useable on a PC should I ever revert to a PC.

Do not choose Elements 10. That has a flaw in it for Mac users - the time stamp of all photos imported is always 1 hour less than it should be. And if you further edit any photo another hour gets knocked off the time. Not good for a photo organiser!

Finally, I don't think the iPhoto way of organisation is wrong - nor is the file structure complicated. It's just not that good if you want to share catalogues with non-Mac users.

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