!.5 firmware makes hum louder

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Re: 1.2 to 1.4 to 1.5... HUM NO MORE!

Vasyl Tsvirkunov wrote:

Looks like 1.3 and 1.4 were staging updates. Probably fixing some common cause of bricking or something -- there was a reason for 1.2 recall after all, those decisions are not made lightly.

The camera is nearly silent after 1.5. Apparently I got used to the hum already, took me a while to detect it after the update. There is some low noise but it is way quieter than before. Not that it really bothered me before but, thanks, Olympus!

Now, the IBIS finally working in movie mode with legacy lenses -- that's the feature! I think the value of OM-D for some people just doubled.

It's taken away one of my main reasons for not buying the camera!

However, now the E-Pl5 has given me a new one: the movie tele-converter (a-la Panasonic) has been introduced on this model. You can zoom up to 4x with =out losing HD resolution, while filming, via the touch screen! I want this, so that I can film sports etc in low light with a fast lens (eg Oly 45/1.8), or outdoor sports such as skiing with a weatherproof lens (eg Olly 60/2.8 macro).
Guess I'll keep waiting....
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