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Re: Full blown photo editing... for iOS

Pasmia wrote:

I'm curious about a full blown photo editing software for iOS. I currently use Adobe PS and LR for OSX but I am entertaining the idea of going pure iOS; meaning, no more computers or laptops.
Is this even remotely possible yet?

I'm an iOS developer and I have to ask you 'Why do you want to use iOS?'

You didn't specify iPad or iPhone but I'll assume you mean iPad.

iPad's are designed as a portable slim device with decent battery life. Because they have this at their core they will never have the CPU 'grunt' or RAM that even an entry level macbook air has. You can do wonders with an iPad but running 'full blown photo editing' that's comparable in features AND speed to a desktop is not what an iPad is about.

One day it wil be possible to have a tablet with the processing power of todays laptop, but by then the laptops will be even more powerful - you won't ever reach equality.

A computer such as the macbook air is designed to meet your needs. It's nearly as small as an iPad, has almost as good battery life but will run 'full blown' photo editing software. It's not an iPad or a tablet but will give you the 'full blown' experience you're looking for.

Caveat: I'm making assumptions about your definition of 'full blown' editing, but based on your statement that you use PS & LR I'm running with the idea that you use these to a large degree of their potential and wouldn't (for example) be as satisfied with 'lesser' applications.

Note: Windows 8 tablets will have all the 'limitations' of an iPad but with the added limitation that Microsoft is several years behind Apple and the app selection may never catch up. Remember not all flavours of windows 8 devices will run 'standard' windows apps and the best windows 8 for tablets 'RT' is restricted like this.

Another option is to look at the mod book, a Mac Laptop modified to turn it into a tablet: http://www.modbook.com/

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