X-Pro1 / X-E1 vs D600

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Wils Wong
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Re: X-Pro1 / X-E1 vs D600

I have worked with the D700, D200 (i would say close to D300/s), XPro1 (Fujifilm Singapore's), X100 (own).

Versatility in terms of usage, the DSLR still reigns king as it will take in From Portraiture, studio to sports (where the RF form factor is not that helpful) and definitely Landscape.

However looking at what you want to do, HDR, Long Exposure, Star Trails etc, then I would say the X-E1 would be up there where you want it to be as it will include the a electronic shutter release controller (RR-80) on top of the old school screw cable shutter release. there isn't an option for this for the XPRO1.

I have used the X100 for fireworks and so long shutter speed work at night won't be an issue for XPRO1/XE1 as I have done the same type of shots with them too.

You can see my gallery here for landscapes using X100

Gallery for XPRO1 with adapted glass (from Tokina 11-16mm to Nikkors):

Hope my input helps.

morganb wrote:

I have been battling with myself which direction to head. I have been a Fuji fan for years and waited for the X-Pro1 sinced it was first rumored. Its Out and it is almost everything i want but i am not a huge street photographer, more of a landscape guy.

i am seriously thinking that the D600 would give more more versatility. i want to work on HDR, Long Exposure, Star Trails, Light Painting, Focus Bracketing, Macro and generally any other techincal techniques that i learn about.

am i crazy to think it would be easier to do this on the Nikon D600 vs a Fuji X-Pro1?

anyone have examples of success using this sensor for that kind of work (especially the long night exposure stuff)?

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