24 pc stitched mini pano equals which focal length? 14?

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Re: 24 pc stitched mini pano equals which focal length? 14?

tundracamper wrote:

ranamo wrote:

A while back there was a topic on this forum about TS lenses. There was a link to an Italian company who make a tripod foot for Nikon PC-E lenses. This looked like a perfct solution to this problem.
Does anyone know which company it was???

This link describes the approach that I use, by sliding the camera left-right in the bracket. Of course, that only works for left-right shifting.


The device you were describing is called the JMBS Jumbo, by Agno's. It clamps to the square portion of the lens. An interesting contraption! Since my lens sometimes shifts on it's own when the screw is not very tight (it is hard to make it tight at all), I can only imagine the camera sliding all the way down - I don't see how the small thumb screw is big enough to hold up all the camera weight!


Thanks, that's the one I was looking for.


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