Full blown photo editing... for iOS

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Re: Full blown photo editing... for iOS

Very high resolution and it shows. The inability to calibrate means no printing -- off jpegs -- given raw editing is not well resolved. Or, to attempt to match the look on 100+ different displays people will use to view my pics. All uncalibrated and all of lesser quality. The inability to calibrate is a non-issue.

Off loading is a snap. I've used anything from hotel win boxes to friends laptops. It's a matter of opening ImageCapture on a Mac or using the Windows finder. Export to a flash card, done.

My wife uses an Air and on this trip so far, we've been with people with mbp's, mb's, a mini, an iMac and an hp laptop. Of 900 shots I've kept so far, about 10 raw files have been edited on a mini. It's travel photography, I get excellent jpeg output and I'm willing to turn off my serious side and enjoy the people and the trip. If I did not use an iPad, I would go for an MBP due to I/O alone. When home I use an iMac, never the iPad.

I think you're making the right decision to avoid the iPad as the only solution. However, keep some of the above in mind as any tablet offered today is probably going to have some of the same issues.

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