Petition to lower A99 price

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Re: Petition to lower A99 price

I will buy this camera. There is no question that this is the camera for me. I would probably pay a fair bit more. I dont want to shoot nikon or canon. I like Sony. It is my drug and out of all the cameras. I can use it visually on the fly.

Is it perfect heck no. They need to allow blinkies in full size review mode, etc. But its awesome.

The a77 was enjoyable. However the sensor pees on my parade. The a99 is the camera I want. Gonna mate this up to a 24-70 and make enough shooting photos in the next six month that I wont regret it.

Frankly I am glad at the price and i wish it was higher. I am tired of all the people who have no serious commitment to the art showing up at events with cameras that are way out of their league shooting on p mode. Price the god damn thing higher. the fewer punters that get it the better.

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