Did NASA manipulated the photos from the Apollo mission ??

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Re: lighting the set, mimicking the sun

UKphotographers wrote:

This from Wikipedia:

Of one photo of Aldrin, Jan Lundberg, engineer at Hasselblad and responsible for producing the photographic cameras used in Apollo EVA missions, stated "Yes, it seems like he is standing in a spotlight and I can't explain that. Umm, that escapes me... why?. So maybe you have to find Armstrong and ask him."

If he'd asked me I would have told him that the viewing angle, combined with the lighting angle, leads to to this gradation.

In the foreground we look at the top of the particles getting top lighting. The more the distance the more we see the particles in a lateral view where they get less light.

In a studio it would take using a single light source to avoid multiple shadows.

Thats what the three highlights on the boot suggests, more than one light source.

I'm talking about fall-off. In the above shot the sun is coming from the right in a pretty shallow angle. The landscape behind Aldrin would show a hefty gradation (by fall-off) from the right to the left if not lit by a single source million of miles away.

Theres only one sun. Why do I need more than one light to get a natural result?

errr... because you are not happy with the outcome? Ambition?

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cheers, Peter

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