How many Owners of D800 would sell and buy a D4?

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Re: How many Owners of D800 would sell and buy a D4?

You are equating the camera that costs the most = 'best'

The 'best' is what is best for you and so you must have made a mistake if you didn't buy the best camera for what you do and had to buy another one

I dont see how the D4 trumps the D800 in everty way when you admit you would like more resolution than the D4 gives - unless you need to blaze away or you need a real tough body then I would like to know how the D4 trumps the D800 when more resolution is better as it seems from your statement

Of course D4 does have better buffer and AF but I have not found the D800 limited in these areas. You may like the extra responsiveness but, as said unless you need fps, does that really warrant the money you've shelled out in total

Your money, your choice, whatever makes you happy
Except that it seems you aren't with either..

Bruce Bracken wrote:

I started with a D4, and prefer that for still images (discounting the left AF problem) over the D800. I would like maybe a 24MP D4, but the D4 trumps the D800 in every other way.

The ONLY reason I purchased a D800 is because I do a lot of HDSLR work as well, and the D4 FX video just doesn't cut it. Frankly, I feel duped by Nikon that I shelled out $6500 for their "flagship" camera, and then had to turn around and drop another $3300 on their "prosumer" model just for better video.

But, if the D4 had video equivalent to the D800, I would use that 24/7 for both stills and video.

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