250mm lens options?

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Re: 250mm lens options?

Well, it is helpful that you've finally disclosed your budget.

Since it seems you're intent on holding out for something that includes 250mm in its zoom range, I suggest you look into some of the 300mm f/5.6 zooms that were produced in the 80sby Canon, Minolta and Nikon. Again, using KEH as a starting point for reference, I found three separate 100-300 versions put out by these three manufacturers, all priced between approx. $85-$135. All three are push/pull designs (as opposed to two-touch), if memory serves, and should be long and slender and relatively lightweight. I should think any of these would be quite adequate for daylight shots of wildlife, especially if you're shooting with the OM5 and its superb IBIS and are willing to augment stability in subdued light by using a monopod or beanbag.

If you opt to go this route, I would suggest you hold out for an "excellent" condition lens that doesn't have a "loose" zoom mechanism.

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