NEX alternative to small M43 system?

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Re: NEX alternative to small M43 system?

I too am in a similar situation. My D800 + lenses are too big and heavy to shlep around the mountains. I currently have a LX-5 (soon and LX-7), but the IQ is just not good enough at times even though I love the 24mm equiv. and the 16:9 aspect ratio.

For me the candidate are:
OM-D + Primes (really don't like the 12-50 because it sticks out way too much)
GH-2 + Primes (16:9 ratio)
RX100 - Small and light - too small and really tough to hold for me. No VF
NEX6 + 16-50 (nice and compact) + 10-18 + some other primes
Fuji XE-1 - 18-XX (wish it was 16-XX) + Some Primes

Working on looking at these. Selling a couple of my less used FX lenses and other equipment will pay for any of these combos.

For me compactness when the camera is strapped around my torso either with a backpack on or with climbing gear is utmost (hence my LX-5 works very well). A half leather case is also a nice plus to protect the camera body. I also want a 24mm FF equiv. zoom or prime at the very least. An electronic VF is nice in the sun (I struggle with the LX-5 at times).

Interested to see where this thread goes.


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