NIKON D800 Focus Issue

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Re: NIKON D800 Focus Issue

If you want to do a better test, align some books as if they were on a shelf. But move each book 1cm deeper than the one on its right (If you want to spend some money, you can buy a Spyder LensCal).

Now, fine tune your lens for every focal point. Here is what I get with my D800:

AFS 35mm 1.4 G:
Center: -7
Left: -15
Right: -7

AFS 85mm 1.8 G:
Center: -3
Left: -15
Right: 0

AFD 50mm 1.8:
Center: -13
Left: Impossible (Still backfocusing at -20)
Right: Impossible (Still backfocusing at -20)

So, I think I should get my 50mm 1.8 serviced.

If you read the article I gave you (Lumolabs), the error made in between focus sensors are expected to be

My left AF sensor can be improved, and I could scream about backfocusing issue. But the truth is one of the other D800 I have tested as the same, and another one was a bit worse. The lumolabs article shows that a D3 they tested was like my D800.

So, if I want it to be a little bit better, I'll ask Nikon to service it before the end of the warranty period. For now, I am fine with it. With real life examples, it is fine enough.

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