NEX alternative to small M43 system?

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Re: NEX alternative to small M43 system?

Espresso wrote:

Hi all

I'm trying to find the perfect small camera solution for "adventure" scenarios where I can't feasibly take my DSLR (Nikon D700) due to its size and weight. In these instances, I'm mainly interested in daylight landscapes.

I'd been looking at compacts, but moved on to the Panasonic GF2 + 14mm pancake because of its small size (only marginally larger than a compact), light weight and better-than-compact image quality.

Is there a NEX combo that I should be considering which can match the size of the Panasonic?

I came to the NEX-7 from the Panasonic G2 and when I first saw the NEX-7, I thought, gees that is small. Complete surprise and one I wasn't expecting to see. I don't use AF lenses so can't comment on that, but just a quick look at body size .............,33

The Sony 5N is smaller again.,34

The sensor in the 7 is pretty remarkable IMO.

All the best and good luck.

Birds and macro. NEX and m4/3

Worry about the image that comes out of the box, rather than the box itself.

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