NEX alternative to small M43 system?

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I own GF2 + Sigma 19, bought a NEX C3 + Sigma 30

Espresso wrote:

I'd been looking at compacts, but moved on to the Panasonic GF2 + 14mm pancake because of its small size (only marginally larger than a compact), light weight and better-than-compact image quality.

Same here, I'm a canon dslr shooter. I went with GF2 for its cheap price, touch-screen, hot-shoes, and micro 43's vast lens selection

But I find the Bokeh and High Iso Noise dissapointing, so I bought a used NEX C3 as well.

Is there a NEX combo that I should be considering which can match the size of the Panasonic?

YES, Sigma 19mm f/2.8 DN or Sigma 30mm f/2.8 DN at $199 each is a fantastic bargain. I owned both SIGMA in m43 and NEX formats:

  • Sigma 19mm on my Panasonic GF2 = 38mm equivalent

  • Sigma 30mm on my Sony NEX C3 = 45mm equivalent

In my opinion, Sigma rescue NEX from its boring, expensive, and dull lens selection. Sony16mm pancake is poor and soft in the corners; while CZ24 f/1.8 is fantasic but BIG and cost $1348. Thankfully, Sigma offering a pair of sharp primes at a value bargain pricing.

Had Sigma release these lens earlier, I wouldn't have bought a GF2. Oh well, better late than never. So that is my recommendation, buy either Sigma 19mm f/2.8 or Sigma 30mm f/2.8 or both

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