Professional Use of m43rds

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Professional Use of m43rds

There is so much discussion about the ability of a professional to deliver shots using a m43rds camera. While there are post after post here showing superb work from photographing people, to places, from things to buildings...

Sure there are some pretty average shots in the mix as well, that means nothing, a camera cannot and will probably never take a good picture unless pointed in the right direction at the very least. However one of the things that occurred to me with all the backwards and forwards is that one thing people often dont see is the before and after. The work that goes into trying to push you image as far to perfection as you can.

So here are some images to try to demonstrate the scope m43rds can cover. And sure you can pick a couple of areas where it may not be the easiest tool to use, however that will not be for long, we have lens after lens packing out the ranks, and body after body (notice the larger panasonic m43rds body, possibly for larger lenses...).

Architecture and an interior:

While some may say "hey the clouds are blown out", I know, I meant for the them to be like that, that is what clouds look like, they give depth and contrast to a shot.

This was with the EPL2, and the ambient light in the office, with a tripod.

Recent Product work:
A quick packaging shot for a client.

Their new product, a superb set of headphones, and the packaging the shot is to be used on mocked up below.

Headphones set for their website, demonstrating the buds, cable, port and mic.

And now for a series of shots from a recent photoshoot with a local model in a local landscaped park. These were shot with the OMD and 25mm f1.4, 45mm f1.8 and 9-18mm mzuiko.

Here are a series of shots, takemn with the 45mm f1.4 on the OMD, the light was fading and the shot is entire natural light. The model was placed inside the trees, allowing the twilight (give or take) to create soft and sculpted light. These were converted with Photoshop CS5 and Nik Silver effects pro:

Here is what a lot of post processing in ACR and Photoshop can do for a little fun. The fairy is also the model, shot separately and added in post. A lot of the texture, smoke etc was added in post. And while this is over the top, it is a fantasy shoot and to my mind is supposed to be over the top

Now here is the before and after. This was the shot of the shoot, it is lit with a single FL50r from the right shooting into an approx 60" umbrella, with a fill disc bottom right, rested on my light bag and just helping out the shadows.

So what are the issues here, clearly the post on the left, the branch coming from her head (out, in isnt too bad in this case) shadows are still a bit dark on her face and there is a stray hair creating a strange shadow on the cheek facing us, as this model made the dress, the pleats gathering at her waist have masked her figure so a slight tweak to her mid section may be in order (sorry dove):

So we process for a cooler, almost nighttime feel in ACR, with some adjustment brush work, and split toning. We then clean up the offending sign, branch and stray hairs in PS with some vignette to finish... I really like this one:

And here, having a little fun with the shot. As these were costumes designed and made by the model in the shot, I thought a nice theatrical image may be fin, adding some smoke and fairies and fairy dust

Seriously, you can pretty much do anything with this stuff.

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“You don’t take a photograph, you make it.” -Ansel Adams

Olympus PEN E-PL2
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