Novoflex Tilt- and Shift Bellows System for CSCs

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Re: Novoflex Tilt- and Shift Bellows System for CSCs

Fleabag wrote:

Is there some kind of technical issue that makes it difficult to create a T/S system that does not have any systemic limitations or is is just that no one has made one yet?

Mostly just that "no one has made one yet" but things do get more complicated when you aren't talking about off-the-shelf adapted optics. We have the advantage that mirrorless means a smaller flange distance, which makes the optic design not so retrofocal, and smaller than the equivalent DSLR optics (Canon 24 and 17TSEs have issues with tilt because of this). However, because we have a smaller sensor, this means somebody has to device a new lens (and formula) to match the FOV from the ground up. On m43 we need at least APS-C coverage at 12mm or less to even make the WA useful. My guess: since such a lens will be fully manual, any 3rd party is likely to try the "one-size-fits-all" formula, and go for something that can be mounted on NEX/NX/EF-M. That means, 15 or 16mm, and probably a FF size image circle. Expensive, large, and not so useful on our format.

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