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Re: Pentax owes you...

cinemascope wrote:

13thBagel wrote:

... a referral fee.

Your image of the girl crabbing, taken on 19 Sept as posted on your blog, pushed me to order an 04 'Fisheye' lens. It's a pure stand alone BRAVO of a photograph that demonstrates and captures the rich and deeply textured atmospheric rendering unique to the Q (IMHO). Actually, you needed not write anything about her. The photo expresses her personality better that words. She'll love that image forever.

Thanks for sharing...

Cheers... M

Your comment made me curious...
Could you kindly post a link to the image?
I tried finding it on my own, but no luck....

I don't post much, but I do enjoy Tosic's photos and general outlook on things...

Here's a link... (cut and paste ~ replace [dot] with the appropriate character & no spaces). Page back to 19 September...

http://perry-myworld.blogspot [dot] com/

Your response my differ from mine, but I still consider it a killer image and an 03 lens is scheduled for delivery to my house, tomorrow.

Cheers... (pass it along)... M

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