12-35mm f/2.8: What's the verdict?

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Re: So the 14-45 mm has better optical IQ??

tgutgu wrote:

The lens is half the price of the Canon EF 2.8/24-70mm L II, which does not even has a stabilisator. So the 12-35mm easily wins the value for money race in this comparison.

How so. It's a 12-35 not a 24-70 and only has to cover an image circle of 21mm not 43mm. Design wise there is no comparison in difficulty if you want to hit the targets of low distortion, vignetting, corner sharpness etc.

IMO the 12-35 is actually at best average value. It's clearly not optically in the same league as the 24-70L II, and is as expensive as the optically excellent Tamron 24-70 f/2.8 VC, which does have IS. For the money they want I'd would expected it to be f/2 and so at f/2.8 I think this should be a sub $1K lens.

I'm holding off buying it until price is more realistic.

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