RX100's new user.

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Re: RX100's new user.

In the first picture is my P-200, very defocused. I also wanted to take a shot of a brick wall since that is considered a good test of the camera. I'm not a DSRL user simply because I consider them to be too bulky and big. I am also not a user of a camera with a 1/2.3 sensor, because i consider those photos to be of too poor of a quality. (I know, im a bit of convenience snob) What I wanted was an update to my P-200. A small pocketable camera that will fit in my jeans pocket and that take better photos than the average run of the mill camera. (S100 or RX100)

A bunch of my friends have new $300 canons and nikons, and truth be told, I shudder to look at any of their pictures when compared to what the p-200 can deliver, and that's a 7 year old camera. We went to boston this summer and my friend took pictures of me, and I of her, I could not see the details of the buildings when she took pictures, but I could digitally zoom in with the pictures that I took. To me it was a huge difference.

Take a look here. I really like this photo simply because of the clarity that you get when zooming in. Just look at the detail on that water tower! (p.s. that is a great way to "mask" water towers!) What you don't see, is that this photo was taken through a metal mesh, a bug screen. I couldn't remove it, so I took the photo through it.

The second pictures is a capture while i was filming. It's half the size of the other pictures. It's also showing a projected image onto an archway under a bridge. One of the guys in our office who has two D800s was amazed at the clarity of the video.

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