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The values in the table are wrong. DOF is only dependent on the lens, not the sensor. Therefore, 19mm f2.8 will give same DOF on MFT and NEX and FF. It's a different case if you are talking about equivalent focal length (same FOV).

Not true. Or at least not true if we talk about lenses in terms of focal length and focal ratio (or f-stop). An image from a smaller sensor is magnified more to reach the final output size than the image from a larger sensor, and because of this the depth of field is smaller on a micro-four thirds than it is on a larger sensor, all else being equal.

The optical pathway through the lens is independent of the sensor. Light or lens does not know what kind of sensor there is, or if there is sensor at all. The magnification by camera processor or user in Photoshop or printer does not somehow magically change the DOF.

The sensor size does affect the FOV of the image. Therefore, the DOF of 28mm equivalent lens on MFT will of course be different than on FF. In the table, actual and not equivalent focal lengths are used. That's why the numbers should be the same on both systems.

No, your definition doesn't match what's commonly known as depth of field. Have a look at Wikipedia's article on the subject: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Depth_of_field

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