DA 70mm f/2,4 Limited vs smc FA 77mm f/1,8 Limited

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Re: my previous answer -- Re: DA 70mm f/2,4 Limited vs smc FA 77mm f/1,8 Limited

This is very good info.

The DA70 / K10D combination is my portrait setup. AF speed is essential for capturing fleeting face expressions. The DA70 is the single best lens investment I have made.

I would love a smaller portrait setup but I am guessing that the K01 wouldn't focus fast enough to capture these fleeting moments.

jf_tea wrote:

The DA70 can focus much faster than the FA77.

The DA70 focus much better in low light (i.e. street lamps). The FA77 (the K5 with the 77, actually) gives up in similar low light conditions.
DA70: sharpness and bokeh are amazing. Some "Wow!" moments will happen.
FA77: sharpness and bokeh are amazing. Might have more "Wow!" moments.
Both are awesome pieces of optical engineering.


the "focus clutch" on the DA70 is useful to adjust the focus after using AF. The same is not possible on the FA77 (but MF is possible, of course).

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