Will the D600 hold it's value as well as the D700 has?

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Re: Will the D600 hold it's value as well as the D700 has?

ohcello wrote:

I know this might be tough to predict, but just curious if some of your 'career nikonites' have any thoughts on what the price of the D600 will be in say, 6 months or so, new or used?

I have been impressed how will the D700 has held its value the past 1-2 years, still selling for $1600-$1700 on the used market. If the D600 depreciates that slowly, it might not really be worth it to wait very long for the price to drop : )

Thanks all.

Any mass-produced technology commodity such as consumer DSLR will lose its value. The only reason you buy D600 is to get (or to feel) the superior results that would have otherwise cost you at least 3 grand. For 1 grand, you get top of the line crop cameras (D7000, 7D, D300s, etc). So, D600 will most likely remain in 2 grand mark and slowing depreciate to may be $1500 in a year. I do not expect D600 to go below $1500 before D610 (or any successor) comes into play 2-3 years down the road.

Basically, go ahead and enjoy the perceived benefit of D600 without worrying too much about price falling. If the price falls to $1800 in 3 months, make it worth to take $300 worth of pictures in that time.

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