Sexual Exploitation of Women

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Re: Sexual Exploitation of Women

Sexual exploitation, is simply cashing in on the idea that "Sex Sells."

At it's lowest form, it is the exploitation done by pimps of prostitutes, where almost all the money goes to the man. Yet many high classed hookers, make good money, and they are making good money - because we Americans are so screwed up about sex.

So in the thread you mention, my MAIN point, which was basically ignored, is that LF is simply a symptom of a larger problem - A respect for sexuality that deals with sex in a healthy way. These woman ARE being exploited - Yet it may be that they are making decent money in a job which has no meaningful value. A glance at the faces of the men in the audience says volumes about why they are there. A handful of woman amongst thousands of viewers shows that this is not an example of "womans sports,' no matter how athletic the individuals happen to be.

What is happening here is simply that woman, unlike men, have a much harder time making it in professional sports. Their real talents are of no account - only their physical attraction is the "talent" being looked at. I'm not going to worry about their fates, as I worry about the fates of woman out on the street being sold like cattle to horny men - Nevertheless, all of this is demeaning to woman, AND demeaning to men.


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