Gross incompetence by Canon repair - is this normal?

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Re: Gross incompetence by Canon repair - is this normal?

Wow that is terrible! I use the NJ facility and always have had great service/work. They generally even go above and beyond for me (doing stuff out of warranty, for example). Never had to send anything back for anything they did not do (knock on wood). One time I did question the focus ring play on my 70-200 II so they send a prepaid label to me to send it to them and once they received it, personally called me and explained she took it for various techs and compared with rental lenses and it was the same as all those. Sent it back same day and had it the next day.

My brand new 24-70 II is showing some right hand side softness (weird field curvature I think) so I emailed them to have them to check it out... They send me a pre-paid label for overnight fedex to their facility to check it out. That was today... I should have it back Thursday.

When I had my body and 70-200 there last week I requested they send it to Fedex for pickup and they switched it no problem and had it ready for pickup there the next day. I did call them and they told me to email them the address and such and updated the repair order address.

Did you send it to NJ by chance this time around? I have heard the CA facility is hit and miss.

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