Pentax completely removes LP filter in K5 IIs

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Pentax completely removes LP filter in K5 IIs


as comparison... Nikon D800E has partially pulled/disabled the filter, but not completely.

Quote from above Pentax intervew Photokina 2012:

"The K-5 has achieved a high reputation among users during this time, but one of the points was its autofocus improvable. We have developed a new engine approach, as has been done, has been integrated into the K-5 to design the second generation. On the other hand, we also wanted to release a version without low-pass filter.

Q: Is there a demand for this type of camera?

There are several cameras that do not have this type of filter, but there are differences. For example, the Nikon D800E has not removed the filter, but it has been disabled. We've completely eliminated (it)."

Just a guess, the new IIs is probably going to be one screamin' high rez machine (for APS-C). Gonna have some chops

Ya better know what you're buyin' though beforehand, jus' sayin'.

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