Full blown photo editing... for iOS

Started Oct 1, 2012 | Discussions thread
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Re: Full blown photo editing... for iOS

It's sobering that I travel with 16GB amd 32GB cards, and yet the largest iPad is only 64GB. Not much offloading/backup is possible before the most expensive iPad is completely full.

The iPad screen is IPS, yet you cannot calibrate it at present, and you will be stuck with 1024x768 resolution. That was the typical desktop resolution of like 10+ years ago...most serious photo apps assume there's more editing area to work with.

Looking at the upcoming Windows tablets may be a reasonable alternative if you can find competent photo apps...the ecosystem is not mature unless you get the tablet that can run full Windows. But then you are no longer saying "no computers."

If I traveled a lot, I would carry a MacBook Air. All the top photo apps run on it, storage expansion is cheap and readily available, a complete no-compromise photo workflow is possible including the ability to drive multiple very large monitors if needed, and it isn't much additional weight and space over a tablet of the same price that can't do nearly as much.

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