D600 too expensive

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Re: amateur camera

Sorry but at pixel size, it is better. Others "normalizations step" doesn't make better SNR, it just hide noise, like a crappy picture look good at web size. It's not that hard to understand, is it ?
But I care more about usability and controls.

Glen78 wrote:

Pretty disingenious post since DXO Mark shows the normalized image size first on the graph by default where the D600 is clearly ahead of the D700. You must have seen this before choosing to show us the 100% vs 100% graph but chose to not include it as part of the "facts" you were claiming to have command of. Both the D600 and the D700 are amazing cameras, but to say that the D700 has better IQ than the D600 is simply not supported by any objective testing I have seen.

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