I want to try film!!!

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Film was tough. With the Pentax 6x7, I used to take notes after every pic s that i could improve myself. Like Gerry, digital, and the K5 in particular, has done wonders for my photography skills.

But i feel i'm "ready" to give the old 67 a run again. My 135 macro has about the same FOV as the 43... Now that's DOF control! I'm trying to persuade local photo shops to develop and scan my films, but things are looking grim. I'll either learn to do it myself, or mail order...

Gerry Winterbourne wrote:

math guy wrote:

I'm going to be the odd man out here and say that I don't miss film a bit. The ability to switch ISO at any time and the instant feedback I get are just two things that make digital much better in my book. I never spent time in a darkroom and was always at the mercy of the developer for prints, so I really enjoy the personal control digital offers in raw development. And even if I had known my way around a darkroom, I cannot imagine I would prefer that to the simplicity and versatility of developing images digitally.

I'm with you, Joe. I shot film for over half a century (1953 - 2006) and for me that's enough. I'm different from you in one way - I had access to a darkroom in my early years and, at that age, the magic of developing and enlarging beat the actual taking of photos.

But if you can be bothered to visit my PBase galleries, where I've put a lot of my old pics, you'll see that my photograhy has improved as much in the few digital years as all the time before. Thay's not to say that my current output is all good - it clearly isn't - but my average has gone up.

There are quite a few things in this life that I'm glad I've done but wouldn't want to repeat. I think it's good for other people to try them too. Film photography is one of those things. I wish the OP fun and enjoyment.

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