A Two-Lens kit for Travel Photography

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Re: A Two-Lens kit for Travel Photography

in theory (because i've never owned either) ... i like the 12mm more as a lens-object, and the 7-14mm more as an image-maker. i would think that the difference in focal lengths would ultimately be more dramatic than the differences in size, weight, and f/2 vs. f/4 (especially for wideangles -- i wouldn't really try to isolate subjects with either). (and of course both are pretty expensive, which is the one thing that's keeping me from them.)

SE asia can present you with some pretty dramatic scenes -- i.e. lots going on all over the place in close proximity -- in which case i'd probably prize the 7mm over the 12mm. for trickier light you could just try to make up for the f/4 with the OMD's higher ISO capabilities... but again i don't really know how well that would work since i've never had the OMD or the 7-14.

also not sure about 12/45 vs. 25 AF speed, but conservative thinking may say that olympus lenses with olympus bodies may yield slightly better results than a pan/oly configuration.

i'd think about focal length usefulness / subjective level of comfort above all other considerations, though.

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