5D2/7D or 5D3? Help!

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Re: 5D2/7D or 5D3? Help!

There was a big thread about this recently

I just went through your exact situation.
I had a 7d + 17-55 f2.8 and then I got a 5DII with a 24-105.
I also have a70-300L.

I thought this was going to be the perfect combination, allowing me to do sports and BIF with the 7D and portraits and landscapes with the 5DII.

The reality is that it just complicated my life. I was always stressing about which gear to take with me.

I recently sold the 7d,17-55, and 5DII and bought a 5DIII with the proceeds (and still had some $$ left over to help buy a 17-40L). I couldnt be happier. Now I have a single body with great AF and IQ, with three great lenses. Simple and effective. Unlesss you are a pro and really need a backup body, I highly recommend the single body (5DIII) solution. You wont miss the 7D or the 5DII.

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