Who gets the customer?

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Re: Who gets the customer?

While my initial intentions were to delve into wedding photography I also saw the problems you mentioned beginning to escalate. So I turned to sports and team photography - an area that the digital age has created many more opportunities. It proved to be a rewarding decision for me. 'Part timers' are also out there trying to undercut you but in the end it boils down to customer service and consistent quality and that's where most of them fall down because their main focus is still back on their day jobs.

Other photographers I know who were transitioning from film at the time didn't want to change what they shot. They weren't comfortable outside of weddings and portraits - they have since paid the penalty. Those who 'changed' survived.


FeedMe wrote:

zoooming wrote:

I see your points but having come into photography seriously myself only when the digital age began I still see opportunities out there despite the "part time undercutters". As Penguin and a few others always say it's got to do a lot with the service/quality you provide as well. That's where a lot of the "would-be's" eventually fall short.

Yes, a good point. It's the extra mile you go that keeps you going..

But - and this is where the problems start - when you have (lets say) 5 undercutters doing weddings for $400 and your best price is $800 (BUT you DO offer these extra 'miles').. can you survive long enough for these undercutters to fall by the wayside?

Like someone else said about the customer who never PP'd her own work and expected a straight camera-to-dvd drop of pictures, quickly.. The average person doesn't understand the work involved during and after the wedding - all they see if cost.

The richer customer appreciates quality and class, they'll pay for just a "name" photographer, regardless of how good he is!

But the average bread-and-butter customers will often go for the undercutter - can you last long enough, being undercut, for these knobs to die off?

Scary, isn't it..

Towards the last 3 years or so of my work, I even bought a neg developer and print machine to get some weekday money in (2 hour processing), and learnt to do my own high quality negs and prints (saved money on the pro lab and results were near enough the same (never had any complaints)).

It was still hard - the other guys worked for the school or Acloa, getting their $800 pay packets for non-photo work - all their photo stuff was pocket money fun. if they scored a wedding it was beer money.. If I lost the wedding to them it was "Shiit, where is the rent coming from??"

I'm not biitching here, just describing the conditions.. photography was fun, even doing the annoying jobs.

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