Time to ditch the DSLR?

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Re: Time to ditch the DSLR?

Hello Rick,

Congratulations on a great website - I thoroughly enjoyed going through it. Loved your blog and the style of both your photography and your writing. A really inviting site.

I personally think you should wait and see the IQ of the new M in both stills and motion picture before ditching the Canon gear. I am in a similar situation with M9 and Canons. Though not a professional photographer, I use both stills and motion media a great deal in directing commercials. I travel extensively to all parts of the world and am sick of the dual system lugging... not only my back, but also airline hand-luggage restrictions that get more stringent and measured by the day.

So I am very excited about the new M, but will wait and see the movie ability it offers as well as the low light character it delivers. I love my M9 and MM and will not part with these, but the Canons I have no passion for and would discard them in a heartbeat if the new M delivers a reasonable IQ where the M9 has its limits low light and movie mode.

I know its a "long" time to wait for the real M to show us its true colors, but perhaps this passionate haste is not prudent and deserves more careful consideration when we see some tests and some real world images. I have decided to hold onto the Canons until next year and then make a calm and sober decision.

If the M lives up to the hype, then I will dump the Canons and get one M body work with it for a while and then perhaps get a second one. Sounds extravagant but backup bodies are essential for the professionalism and peace of mind we need in our work - one owes that to the client and to ourselves.

Good luck in your decision and enjoy the M9 in the meantime - it is a truly very unique camera.

Good shooting

satureyes wrote:

but I have a 1DMKIV and a 5DII now - so changing to a 6D wont really make much difference.. Here's what I think is being missed now on this thread..

  • I already have 2 systems.. canon and leica.

  • most of my shooting can be done with both MF and AF

  • i prefer the shooting style of the rangefinder

-i prefer the look of the images of the Leica over the canon

I think it's actually more a case of having courage to go with the M system as main shooter and leave the comfort blanket of my AF and Canon kit.
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