Any SX40-SX50 comparison opinions yet?

Started Sep 30, 2012 | Discussions thread
Tim Trzcinski Regular Member • Posts: 173
Re: Info on shot-to-shot speed would be greatly appreciated.

IMHO you will appreciate the SX50 if you shoot frequently at the long end of the zoom and will utilize the extra zoom and also if you missed shots with SX40 because the AF failed to lock. I love my SX40 but at times I had to use workarounds to get AF and I thought to myself that I'd be in heaven if I had an SX40 that had AF comparable to an FZ150. Well, I think I'm at least part of the way to heaven. The AF is noticeably faster (though it doesn't seem quite as fast as a FZ150) and I find it easier to AF through tight spaces.

If you're looking for other improvements, though, I believe the LCD is the most noticeable. My landscape photos are the same as with the SX40, not disappointing but not improved. I believe RAW will help but the supplied software really doesn't do it justice. I'll wait for an ACR update. The in camera HDR might be nice but I don't carry a tripod with me in the areas I hike and it doesn't work well without one. The Dynamic Range Correction might help a little but I haven't gotten excited about it. The EVF is exactly the same as far as I can tell. High ISO performance seems the same.

In summary, birding and wildlife, yes. Landscape and other photography, probably not. YMMV

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