5 Years Before Our Cameras Are Obsolete

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Re: 5 Years Before Our Cameras Are Obsolete

Biological_Viewfinder wrote:

I don't see too many posts from owners of Flagship cameras previous to the D3 series.

Posters on this forum are not a typical subset of photogrophers, there is a substantial new gear, early adopter bias. There are many older dslr's around.

Iq is so high now that most people's iq needs are exceeded. Upgrades will be a harder sell. The jump from 6mp to 12 mp was far more significant than 12 to 36. The jump up from 36 upward will be barely relevant to most.

As for Nikon changing its mount, it has stayed the same since the F and forms the basis of the Nikon ecosystem. It's not changing.

As for body style, compare the d4 to the F5. They are remarcabally similar.

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