Likw some comments on my printing write-up

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Re: Likw some comments on my printing write-up

Putting personal taste and esthetics aside (I prefer narrow black frames with white/off white single 8-ply mats):

The arithmetic at the start isn't complex, but needs rearranging:

You state 3744/16.5=226 PPI, before you have introduced the 16.5 inches. I think you need state why you would go with 16.5 inches first. You need units, and you need a space between numbers and operators – you do that some places but not others. It has to be consistent – same goes for PPI and ppi.

"I have printed as large as 16.5 x 29.5 which is 190 ppi". You were working with the short side, and now, without a mummer, you base the calculation on the long side (and assume you are working with the same sensor?). I think you need to make it plain – show the calculation – of how you got the 190 ppi.

The Epson 3800 may well handle ProfotoRGB just fine, but the 3800 doesn't even cover all of the sRGB colorspace. How the ProfotoRGB image is mapped, to the limited gamut of your printer, depends on what rendering intent you choose.

That "work pretty good", should be "work pretty well".

"This is an art matt paper that has the look and texture of Hahnemuhle fine art paper". Hahnemühle make several fine art papers, with everything from 500 g/m² cotton water color papers to papers with bamboo, sugarcane, and rice content.

Brian A

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