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Re: Background blur is not the same as DoF

Tom Axford wrote:

As was said early in this thread (second message), the background blur and the depth of field are not the same thing.

If you are taking, say, a head and shoulders portrait, and keep the same framing while changing the focal length (which means, of course, that you need to move further back from the subject as the focal length increases), the DoF remains the same if you keep the F number the same. However, the background gets more strongly blurred as the focal length increases.

I was always confused about exactly the same thing and as a result started to take a deeper look into it. IMHO I found a solution, i.e. getting rid of confusing DoF formulas and rather describe the amount of background blur as the dependency between subject size/framing, focal length and aperture. As posted earlier, here is the link in case you are interested: http://www.dpreview.com/articles/6091822765/background-blur-and-its-relationship-to-sensor-size

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