any D800/E and 24/1.4 with good left focus points?

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Re: any D800/E and 24/1.4 with good left focus points?

Joseph O. Holmes wrote:

My D800, shipped the first week they were released, did have the left focus problem, which I documented with my 24mm f/1.4. I shipped it to Nikon repair in Melville NY and the problem was fixed. Their code number for the repair confirmed that they had diagnosed the problem as the left focus issue.

Interesting, My D800 also purchased during the first week has already been twice to Melville and i'm not satisfied with the results. I contacted Nikon support a week or two ago and asked specifically if the Melville facility is now capable of fixing the issue and was told not to send it in because they don't have a fix. The first time I sent it in Melville just did a global AF fine tune, the left points were great but all my other points front focused. The second time it came back and the problem is less severe but the left points still produce substantially worse focus than the center or right. Perhaps the quality of the repair depends on what technician you get or how their day is going...

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