Gross incompetence by Canon repair - is this normal?

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Gross incompetence by Canon repair - is this normal?

Hello all.

I'm writing my story because I don't think this is normal, but based on my calls to Canon they think it is. Is this normal?

I called Canon support 7/27/12 regarding cleaning dust from the viewfinder of my 5D Mark II. I lent it to a friend and got it back absolutely filthy. I also had a red hot pixel in the middle of the frame during video so I figured they could take care of that as well. The guy on the phone had no idea for estimates, but we created a repair and he said I would be receiving an email with the information on where to send the camera. I never received an email.

Not getting an e-mail by 7/29 I went ahead and created a ticket online. (I tried on 7/27, but it wasn't working, which is why I called. Using another browser I was able to create the service ticket.) I made it clear to the person online that the problem was dust, debris and smudges in the VF image and the red hot pixel. I also made this clear in the form online. Got shipping information for Irvine, CA; sent to them via UPS ground for around $20.

I sent my camera the following week, and on 8/17, over a week later, received a charge estimate for $234.14 for repair. I tried paying for it online but it wasn't showing up yet. It was too late in the day by the time I got the email to call, so I waited until Monday and tried again - now the info was showing up but I still couldn't pay. Tried three different browsers, didn't work. Frustrated I called and while calling I noticed in the charge e-mail that the attached PDF had changed the repair number! Why!? Used this one and was able to pay online. Why couldn't they tell me that the number changed?

I finally got the camera back on 8/27. This is the first receipt of the camera. They sent it signature required delivery; would have had it on the 24th but I work normal people hours and wasn't home. Upon opening the box and taking out the camera, I found nothing had been done. Nothing. Hot pixel still present, even more dust present in the VF, dust on the sensor...probably shook loose during shipment.

Called their tech support, gave my name, address, all my information, told her what the problem was, got a "please wait" and then got transferred to a new guy to whom I had to repeat all of my information. He said he'd get me a shipping label ASAP. I told him to use another e-mail address because I was using my home e-mail (I keep work and home separate), and I waited for the shipping label. Nothing. It was sent the next day to some weird combination of both my work and home e-mail addresse; thankfully the e-mail came to my home domain and was caught by the catch-all as non-spam....found it when I got off work on 8/28. Printed the shipping label and sent it out on 8/29. They received on 8/30.

They sent me a "No Charge Repair Acknowledgement" on 9/5, and they tried delivering on 9/7, again signature required. This was Fedex Home which delivers on Saturdays, so I signed the door tag and received the camera on 9/8. This is the second receipt of the camera. I didn't even check the sensor because again nothing had been done with the VF. Nothing at all. This time they erased all the settings on the camera though. They even included repair forms for someone else's T3i! So I called, rightfully complained, talked to a manager and he said that it would be "spotless" when I got it back, he'd personally verify it. Made sure that the e-mail address was right this time. Got the shipping label on 9/13. Sent out the camera again on 9/14.

Camera was attempted to be delivered on 9/20 - no warning, never got a "No Charge Repair Acknowledgement" - but this time it was set as Over 21 delivery, must be present via Fedex Express! Had to go across town to pick it up on 9/21. This is the third receipt of the camera. Guess what - they made progress, but not much. The VF could now be viewed but still had a lot of obvious dust, debris and smudges. There was more dust than usual on the mirror.

Called again, rightfully PO'd but not sure how to solve this problem as Canon wasn't cleaning it. A $250 cleaning, mind you. Something so f'n basic and they couldn't do it. Talked at or yelled at (I was PO'd, understandably) the rep / manager, they kept saying "we can offer to repair your camera," I kept saying "You haven't done what you offered and what I paid for," and eventually we agreed to using another facility with an overnight label. Told them to change the delivery address as I work during the week and can't accept delivery, gave them the new address, confirmed it and they sent the label, re-confirmed that they'd ship it to the new address, and got the label the same day. They didn't send along forms this time so I wrote a message with the prior repair number (which keeps changing with every shipment, and changes to something different by the end of the repair process). This was Friday so I had to wait until the following week to ship the camera; I shipped Mon or Tues 9/24 or 9/25. Photographed the VF Monday morning with a macro setup just to have evidence of the quantity of dust and the smudges (I don't know if they were there before or if Canon repair put them there on the third repair...)

Got the "No Charge Repair Acknowledgement" on 9/27, fastest turnaround yet! They shipped the camera and I was expecting delivery to the adjusted address today, 10/1, ...but they shipped to MY ORIGINAL address. Confirmed the changes but just like the e-mail address this didn't get fixed. I came home early and saw the FedEx guy leave my area; by the time I noticed the door tag, he was long gone. Called FedEx, and the best they can do is hold for another drive across town.

I'm going to pick up the camera today, which will be my fourth receipt of the camera and I'll post the results.

Sorry for the story, but the tl;dr: Canon has had my camera 4 times and can't clean a viewfinder; I paid for the repair, is this normal?

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