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guess what ? even an iphone picture look great when resized for web... that doesn't mean the sensor is better than a apc or 4/3 sensor. So yes, sensor noise is compared between cameras at 100% size, at pixel level, like sharpness. Thoses methods give you indication on SNR for a given generation of sensors, not when you downsample or print. But, that's not my point here. I repeat, the sensor is nice, but I would have upgraded instantly if they dropped it in a D700/D800 body.

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Give us YOUR facts, not your opinion.

the reality is that there isn't MUCH difference in noise between D600 and D700, but the later still has an edge. Also, the iso values are closer the reality on the D700. But as I said, the sensor on the D600 is the only good thing about this camera, it's good enough. The AF is still open to discussions, there is no proof that it's better than D700 at all. In the end, you still have a wanabee overpriced amateur camera. Sorry.

here is what DXO says about signal to noise ratio :

The reality is that you're looking at a "100% crop vs. 100% crop" comparison, which means different output size , as opposed to looking at what the same image from both cameras looks like at the SAME output size. Click on "print," and you see the more meaningful noise comparison, and one that shows the D600 being better by a wider margin at the highest ISOs as compared with the D700. If you uprez the D700 to 24MP, or downrez the D600 to 12MP, you'll see that the D600 images look better noise-wise AND have more detail.

http://www.dxomark.com/index.php/Cameras/Compare-Camera-Sensors/Compare-cameras-side-by-side/ (appareil1) 834%7C0 (brand) Nikon (appareil2) 441%7C0 (brand2) Nikon

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