Petition to lower A99 price

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Re: Petition to lower A99 price

BMWX5 wrote:

Thanks for those who voted. So far number 2 and 4 are preferable prices for A99...

Vote with your wallet, otherwise its not going to happen, buy it or don't and just give it up. Sony is happy with its pricing, see below...

Its still a better value than the 5d3 and D800 IMHO, so I ordered one. Its far superior to the D600/6d, those weren't even a consideration for me.

Have you priced glass for the A99, Zeiss zooms and G lenses? The fixation on the body price when many will have 3x or 4x that amount in glass is just so illogical. Why aren't you whining about the $2000 zooms or the $1500 primes? Nevermind. Don't answer. I don't care.

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