Completely lost - Need help

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Re: Completely lost - Need help

When you shoot RAW, what you see on the screen will look very different depending on which program you open it in.

"Opening" a RAW file is in fact "developing" the file using whatver method a particular program uses and what its default settings are. It should look different in DPP, LR, ACDsee, C1, etc., because they all "develop" the RAW as they render it.

JPGs and Tiffs are not like RAWs--they have already been "developed" somewhere else (camera itself or a different program.) They should look the same in any program.

LR 4.1 gives you several different initial settings to choose from. You can find them under the "Camera Calibration" pannel (lower right side of develop module.) Its default is "Adobe Standard" which many people do find over-cooked. But you can also choose "Camera Neutral", "Camera Faithful", etc. there and you can set one of those to be your default 1st look if you prefer.

The only RAW developer (as far as I know) that looks at the Canon camera settings and adjusts the RAW developer's 1st look accordingly is Canon's own RAW converter, DPP. None of the other know which style you set on your camera.

Also... although LR 4.1 uses familiar terms to describe the camera settings like "faithful", "landscape", etc., they are not identical to what you would get in DPP nor what you would see from an in-camera JPG using that style.

Bottom line, they all do it slightly differently.

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