D400 Worth the wait

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Re: D400 Worth the wait

Very sorry, but Nikkor f-mount lenses definitely are not usable for fast contrast detect autofocus. Nikon would have to abandon all Nikkor lenses and create new lenses for mirrorless solution. Nikon produces 65 Nikkor lenses and Nikon can create 8 new lenses per a year as maximum. Nikon would make the same lens status 8+ years!!!!
This is the main anti-mirrorless reason.

The second reason: no mirrorless solution is able to use continuous AF. Olympus celebrate OM-D and please read the review here on dpreview - continuous AF. Unusable.

The third reason: I tested my Nikon D300 and Sony A77 in the same time on the same movements. I used 6 fps on D300 and I saw the scene. I used 6 fps with A77 and I saw old pictures, after 2 second about 1 second late!!! EVF!!!

And use EVF indoor by lamplight and darker room. The adaptability of the EVF to the changes of light is terrible and slow. When you use EVF indoor in lower light, the camera makes longer exposure for EVF and by movement you see fuzzy image in EVF. Try to turn yorself by seeing int EVF in low light. You will see fuzzy image in EVF!
No, EVF and mirrorless cannot substitute fast Nikon cameras as D4, D300s, ....

All Nikkors are for phase-detect AF and EVF is slow for the motion in low light and slowly balance light changes, WB changes, ....

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